Portsmouth Triathletes Spring Duathlon

It might be a mouthful to say but it was a pleasure to do. Staged at the Goodwood circuit but not the Goodwood duathlon which is a separate event, Portsmouth Triathletes deserve a great deal of credit for staging the race.

Of all the races I’ve done this has to rate as one of the best, well organised events. From the car park to the toilets to transition must have been all of 50 metres. When I went to the toilet 10 minutes before the race there was no queue. There can’t be many races where that is the case.

The weather was beautiful too.

The race was advertised as 4k/40k/8k and was only slightly short as I measured each lap at 3.8k.

The first run went well and I ran comfortably hard for a run time of 14.43. My heart rate averaged 162, just below threshold and a pace of 3:51/km. I was 15th into transition and up towards the front of the race.

I was looking forward to using my Focus TT bike for the first time and the surface could not have been better. As befits a racetrack it was smooth and virtually flat. I only used 2 gears all day. The bike rode beautifully and my position on the bike felt comfortable and powerful.

Given the weather as well I should have posted a decent time but I was very pleased with the bike leg. To average 37.1kph was better than I expected. A time of 1:04:31 at an average heart rate of 158 gave me the 20th best bike split and set me up for the last run.

I had my eyes set on the back of the guy in front of me and gradually began to reel him in when to my surprise was overtaken myself! I ran on past my original target and another couple of runners before to my great pleasure putting in a fast last km to retake the position from the guy who had overtaken me about 1km into the leg.

My heart rate was not as high as the first run indicating some level of fatigue at 155 average. The time was 33.38 for 4.14/km. For me that is around marathon pace and on reflection was maybe a little disappointing. Maybe it was unrealistic to expect a better pace and the final leg of a duathlon but it was only the 20th fastest split. I did pick up places too so perhaps not too bad.

1:53:28 for 18th overall was a good return and it felt like a good day. The weather was summer like, it was a well organized event and I felt strong all the way round.

Roll on the Swashbuckler!!


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