Stubbington 10k

I felt good going into the race and was pretty sure that I was on for a PB having not run a fast road 10k for a couple of years. I hadn’t even got a record of what that PB was – I think it was around 41:30.

Last year the only 10k I ran was the Bluebell 10k, a trail run that I cycled 30 miles to and from and jogged in an hour. The year had been spent training for the Iron Distance Outlaw Triathlon and had been generally long slow miles. Running was my strength in triathlon so had taken a backseat to swimming and cycling.

All this base work must have done some good as I had run the Great South Run in 62:54 going through the 10k mark in 38:34 so surely I was due a PB.

There was a good turn out from the David Lloyd Tri Club and the wife was running as well. Meeting up before the start whilst definitely not warm, the weather for January was not bad at all – overcast but quite blustery.

I had no real pacing plan, only to run as quickly as I felt I could at any given moment in the race and along with a couple of other guys from the tri club managed to get near to the from for the start – it does make the start of each race so much easier.

I started quickly (for me) putting in a 3:38 first km before settling down to a more comfortable pace. As the graph shows the route was but no means hilly but there were a couple of uphill drags and running into the wind was not easy at times.

Although it took a little time for the HRM to settle down and record correctly it was where I would expect it to be. The part that measured sensibly averaged 169 and was pretty consistent.

In between faster first and last km’s my times were pretty consistent:

  1. 3:38
  2. 3:45
  3. 3:48
  4. 3:53
  5. 3:51
  6. 3:53
  7. 3:51
  8. 3:53
  9. 3:48
  10. 3:37

Ending up with a chip time of 38:02 I was well pleased with the days work, the PB I thought I’d get in around the time I thought would be the best I could do.

There is still room for improvement though, whilst not hilly the course was definitely not flat and the wind, especially along the coast road was strong. Although 10k is not a priority distance this year it would be good to lower that PB again sometime soon.