I’m beginning to quite enjoy swimming

Hot on the heels of a 400m PB after the Portsmouth Coastal Half Marathon on Sunday it was back to the pool for another set of 5 x 400m.

Last time I swum this set I swum them off 7:45 and while it was OK it was a bit of a struggle for the last couple so I wanted to see if I could  improve on the times  – and boy did I manage it.

The first 400 I swum in 6:56 and did give myself the rest too swim off 7:45 but the other reps I swum off 7:30 as I was getting plenty of rest.

I ended up swimming 6:56, 6:45, 6:33, 6:35 and 6:37 with the first 400 off 7:45 and the last 4 off 7 minutes. To say I was pleased would be an understatement. Another new PB of 6:33 and the final 3 reps all below my last PB set only two days ago. Given that I found it difficult to break 7 minutes for 400 and the first time I managed to swim under, a 6:54, was the 18th November last year.

So in three months my PB has dropped by half a minute and I’ve been able to maintain that pace for reps. If I can pace a fresh 400 well surely I can get that PB down further.

Interestingly I read a Swim Smooth blog post titled Getting In Some Weekly Discomfort reminding that when it starts to hurt in the middle of a set it should be embraced rather than feared, as it is this that creates the adaptions needed to improve, something that I guess applies to many things as well as swimming.

There is a lot of truth in it as I have discovered as as well as significantly increasing my swimming volume I have regularly been swimming much harder, more specific sets than I have done before and the improvements are there to see.



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