Swimming progress

Alongside improvements on the bike it’s been a good start to the year in the pool for me so far as well.

I’ve managed a good number of sessions in the pool, of the 17 days so far in January I’ve swum on 13 of them and racked up over 20k and some 7 hours in the pool. With the extra time I managed to get in at the beginning of December there have been some good improvements.

While not exactly Olympic standards just yet I”ve got my 400m time down to 6:42, a decent improvement given that 4 months ago I couldn’t get below 7:00 for the distance. I also did a 1000m TT swimming 17:17 – again a good improvement of nearly a minute since I last timed the distance, albeit quite some time ago. It’s been time well invested in the pool and I’m beginning to enjoy my time more than I ever used too.

Regular sessions have been 10 or 20 100’s off 2 minutes as well as some 400m TT’s and lots of steady swimming concentrating on form. I have done one session of 10 x 100’s off 1:55 and think that it’s time to reduce the rest time some more. Whilst not easy I swum 20 x 100’s off 2:00 all swum between 1:40 and 1:43 this afternoon – it may be time again to up the intensity slightly. I’m looking forward to seeing how the improvement translates to the open water  in a few months especially with my new bargain Blue Seventy Fusion wetsuit.

I’ve regularly used ideas and the excellent ‘Mr Smooth’ from the Swim Smooth website but recently reading the Total Immersion book has been useful and really emphasised the need to work with the water rather than fight through it. Subjectively my stroke feels much more relaxed and propulsive and is evidenced but the falling swim times.

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