And to end training for Vichy…. a 5k race!!

A big couple of days training and brought to an end the majority of training to Vichy – and it ended with the latest in the series of Promenade 5k races.

It began yesterday with a hard hours ride finding as many ways to go up and over Portsdown Hill as possible. I stayed mainly in the big ring and beasted my legs as much as possible setting a Critical Power highs all the way through from 1 minute to 1hr 15 in the process. It was a hard ride but given the weather and how good I felt riding it was a satisfying morning. Maybe I am getting better at this cycling lark.

I ran in the afternoon with the wife on an easy run for 7k.

My last long ride was this morning I rode a different loop than the previous couple of training rides on the TT bike, much hillier and with more stops for traffic lights and turns but on a much better road surface.

I had intended to ride for 6 hours but decided not to ride the last loop as I could feel the previous days ride in my legs and ended up with a ride time of 4 1/2 hours. I followed the ride with a brick run – the 7k loop we ran yesterday but at the pace I am intending to start the IM run 4:50/km.

The evening brought the fourth Promenade 5k race and I had stiffened up nicely before the race. I knew it would’t be quick but I set out at 4 mins/km before my legs began to feel a little better after 2k so I upped the pace slightly and ended up running 19:18 – my slowest 5k of the series so far but a decent end to a hard couple of days training.

All that remains now is to take it easy for the next 2 1/2 weeks before Vichy. I will of course still train but nothing too long. A few short quick sessions to keep the sharpness but the bulk of the work is done.

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