Castle Combe Summer Dualthlon

A late decision on Friday saw me up at Castle Combe for their summer duathlon. I had managed to get in a long bike, run and swim during the week and felt that a race would do me some good.

It was summer in name only as the weather at the start was dire, cold and wet unlike in the photo taken some hour after the race when the sun had come out!

It was a 5k run, 20k bike with a 3k run to finish and it was not looking too promising as we huddled under cover for the race briefing.

The first 5k run went OK with a 19.11 – 3.50 mins/k – I felt a bit sluggish still after Thursday’s long run but the time was not too bad.

The bike ended up with a 34kph average speed. It was hard going at times through the wet and with the wind blowing strongly. Interestingly I averaged 211 Watts compared to a similar race at Goodwood earlier int the year where I averaged 191 Watts for the higher speed of 37kph.

I guess it shows how much the weather affects speeds and the value of the Powertap in showing improvements rather than relying on speeds alone.

The final run of just over 3k was 12.55 at 4 mins/k was OK, I gained 2 places in the final run for  a time of 1:10:34 and 11th position.

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