The Royal Windsor Swim

I’d forgotten just how far 3.8k was!

I was up early again at 4.45am to get up to Windsor in time for the start. After a very difficult week at work it was a struggle to get up, but get up I did .

It was a chilly morning and I wasn’t particularly looking forward to getting into the Thames however after registration and a briefing (swim up one side of the river and back down the other. Repeat.) we got in.

It was actually quite warm and we swum over to the far bank to the start.

I had no real plan for the race other than to use it as training, guage how the swimming was going and to try to practice drafting.

There was the usual bit of biff at the start but nowhere near as much as the Swashbuckler. I tried to follow some feet and managed to, to varying degrees of success.

Whilst we followed the bank it wound through a couple of bends and sighting was important – and again I did OK most of the time – I think!

The first and third legs of the course were upriver and therefore into the current and the third in particular was a bit of a struggle. I was however also my longest period of drafting.

It was a relief to round the buoys at the top end of the course and only have the final downriver leg to go.

I eventually finished in 1:10:04 as I was helped out up some scaffolding at the end by the marshalls and passed over the finish mat to activate the chip.

It wasn’t too bad an effort. Slower than the Outlaw swim of 1:06 it was however in a river with a current rather than the lake in Nottingham. To make things slightly easier it is a lake swim in Vichy.

There are still a couple of months to go til Challenge Vichy to improve my endurance swimming but it was a decent workout along the way.


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