Sometimes it’s hard work just getting to the start!

With my wife up North visiting her mother in the car I have only had a motorbike for transport for the week.

I didn’t particularly fancy  cycling to the start of the second Promenade 5k and having to leave the bike locked near the Mountbatten Centre or having the take all my motorbike gear and stash that somewhere either.

My decision – to jog the 6k to the start as a warm up.

The only problem was that the clasp on my Garmin had come apart. By the time I had fiddled with it and managed to put it back together I looked at the clock…. and there was only 30 minutes to the start.

The warm up jog turned into something a bit quicker. It took me just under 26 minutes to run the nearly 6k to the start. Probably to much of a warm up to run over race distance at 22.30 5k pace!

I arrived just as the race organizer announced 4 minutes til the start. I quickly pinned the number on and got to the line.

The race itself was predictably hard. There was a decent breeze and I felt pretty sluggish and ended up running 19.11, 40 seconds slower than the last Promenade 5k. Km splits of 3:38, 3:48, 3:54, 4:00 and 3:51

Overall though given the circumstances I wasn’t too unhappy. With the (much slower) run back I’ve run 16.4k in 1hr 13:31 at 4:28/km pace so it might not have been a PB but it was certainly a good training session at a few different heart rate zones.

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