June 2014

One triathlon in June, the Chichester Olympic Triathlon which went OK rather than well. On the bike however it has been a month of PB’s at all distances, 10, 25, 50 and 100 miles as my swimming distance has ramped up as well with a good swim at the River Arun Swim

I’ve swum over 51km in the month with plenty of open water swimming as well. I’ve been swimming at Eastleigh Lake most Saturdays and Tuesdays and also doing a session with the Tri club in Horsea Lake on a Thursday evening, so lots of longer sets and sessions with most of the pool swimming being easy stuff.

Despite my River Arun Swim being slower than the previous 2 years the conditions were much harder and my relative position overall and in my AG improved considerably. Likewise the Chichester Triathlon swim was slow in terms of time but given the best swim of the day was a shade under 25 mins for an Oly we were all pretty certain that the swim was long by several hundred meters.

On the bike it’s been as good a month as it probably could have been, with PB’s all over the place and 1069 km ridden.

My PB’s now stand at 21:45 (27.5 mph)for 10 miles, 56:13 (26.7 mph) for 25, 1:53:16 (26.5 mph)for 50 and 3:56:40 (25.4 mph)for 100 miles.

The 10 came on the P881R on a really nice evening for a riding and the 25 at the Team Axiom 25 on the P885 in what were decent but still quite windy conditions. That 25 is probably the ‘softest’ of the PB’s and could come down some more on the right day.

I actually set 2 50 mile PB’s first doing a 1:58:15 but was relatively conservative in pacing and ended up with a big negative split and a 246W average power. A couple of weeks later in our own HRC 50 I went out harder and rode the 1:53:16 off a 257W average. I obviously need a good warm up though as despite intending to go out hard and hang on I still had a higher power for the second 25. Maybe my central governor is too good!

Without a doubt the best ride was the 100 though. It was a good day for a ride with little wind and for the most part good roads (apart from the first 15 and last 10 miles!). On the downside was my 05:38 start time and the fact that it reached 23 degrees and was really quite warm by the time I finished.

It was a well paced race though at an average 230W with the 25 miles being 228, 229, 229 and 230W respectively and the peak 20 minute power being the last 20. A sub 4 hour 100 miles is  a solid achievement.

My running has also been improving as I’ve upped the mileage – 278km run this month. I was disappointed with the run at the Chichester Triathlon off what I thought was not too hard a bike ride. I had however been concentrating rather more on the bike and it showed.

My long run has got up to 2 hrs 15 mins and the last two weeks have been over 70 kms. Hopefully that will begin to show in my run times.

July sees the Worthing Triathlon, the final warm up race before The Outlaw at the end of the month. Obviously I’m hoping to do well but am going to train through the race and use it as a good training session. Likewise with the Outlaw really – I want to do well but am hoping to peak for IM Mallorca in September and The Outlaw will be a step towards that.

I’m doing the National Championships 1oo mile TT 2 weeks before the Outlaw but am intending to use that as a training race and ride it at Ironman power with a run off the bike. It’s easier to do that in a race situation for me as I find it harder to keep the motivation to maintain a power in a training session as opposed to a race situation. It should give me a good idea of what to expect for Ironman pace as the national 100 should be more of sporting course than the usual DC.

Overall I’m really pleased with the way June has gone, although I’ve no concrete evidence yet my swimming is improving, the running is gradually coming back and with plenty of bike PB’s I’m in a position to hopefully ‘maintain’ that whilst concentrating more on the running.

May 2014

Better late than never….

Just 2 Time Trials in May, the High Wycombe 25 in 56:21, then a PB but now surpassed and the Hounslow and District Wheelers 100 – my first 100 mile TT. I ended up riding 4:15:52 which while a decent time I was slightly disappointed with as I had a number of issues with the bike and losing my nutrition going over a large pothole!

The month started with 10 days in Bermuda visiting my Dad and whilst I did a little running and a few sea swims which were very pleasant it was definitely a holiday.

After coming back it was really a couple of weeks getting back into a training routine and losing the weight that I had put on whilst on holiday and the couple of weeks beforehand.

I swum 33km in May, not much to add to that except that it was good to get back to Open Water swimming even if the water was a bit chilly, especially after coming back from Bermuda!

I rode 883km during the month. There were the Open TT’s along with doing the …a3crg’s Wednesday night club 10 series which has been good. The rides are generally given little twists, one done on a road bike, one done as a single gear race.

I started to increase ride lengths as well as the Outlaw gets nearer and went up to Nottingham again to ride the loops and go for a run.

Running I managed 168km including a couple of Parkruns at Eastleigh after an early morning lake swim, one of which I managed a 2nd place, my best placing in a Parkrun. I have also gradually been increasing the duration of my long run.

Lots going on in June, some of which I’ve already done. My first triathlon of the year in Chichester, lots more Time Trialling including another 100 and a couple of 50′s and the River Arun Swim.

April 2014

No multisport racing in April but plenty of TT’s now the season is back. A 25, 15 and 5 10′s with one period of 3 of those TT’s in 4 days! HRC had our Open 10 on the Saturday, a rearranged PTTL 15 miler the day after on the Sunday  and a Club 10 on the Tuesday.

Generally they’ve been pretty good for me and have shown a decent improvement from last year. Of the 2 Open 10′s I’ve done, the first Open 10′s I ever done, the faster was a 22:21 at the HRC  10. The 25 was OK with a 58:23, not quite the time or power I was wanting but it was essentially the first race of the year and fairly cold.

The best sporting Club 10 has been a 23.22 but what has been really good is that I’ve been beating guys who were almost always ahead of me last year so whatever the actual times are it’s a good indication that I’ve improved a good amount over the winter.

During April I swum 30km, a good bit down on last month and it’s been showing as I’m not swimming as well as I was then. I had the Postal Hour Swim as a real target and was swimming some hard and some long sessions. This month hasn’t been as consistent and I need to get back to it in May.

The first week of April was a cycling week in Mallorca and although I did some swimming as was filmed for technique stuff which was really good but with no real volume and after that week I kept getting cramp in the bottom of my foot when swimming which I’m pretty sure was down to the cycling volume from that week. It’s gradually got better but has still been a limiting factor right to the end of the month. Once I get back from Bermuda (after a few sea swims!) it’s time for a planned build to the Outlaw.

In the week I spent in Mallorca I rode just under 650km with all of the IM Mallorca bike course, one day of 210km and the Sa Colabra climb. It was a good to get a really big week on the bike and managed to ride the main climb of IM Mallorca 3 times.

The TT’s came in the remainder of the month with a couple of long rides thrown in as well including a trip to Nottingham for a ride of the Outlaw bike loops for a monthly total of 1,246km.

Not a massive amount of running during April with 132km total. After the Mallorca week where the focus was the bike and an easy recovery week following that I ran two 45km weeks with long runs of 1:45 and 2 hours.

The first 10 days of May have been spent in Bermuda, hence the late monthly review but after that it’s time to get back to consistent weeks in the 10 week build to the Outlaw. I’ve got a rough week planned out with a race each weekend, mostly Time Trials, but a couple of triathlons as well all of which I’ll be treating as training.

March 2014

My first two time trials of the year in March – after an aborted attempt at the Fareham Wheelers 10.

The first was the first club 10 of the year which, while the time was fairly slow, got me the second fastest solo time of the morning and the PTTL event 2, a 15 mile…..

A good amount of volume swum at 56.5km and a mix of sets as well over 5 session per week. I’ve been swimming a CSS type set, usually 50×50, one Masters session,a long swim of 5k which recently has been 50×100 off 1:45 with a Pull Buoy and a couple of easier/technique sessions as well.

I’ve ridden 821km in the month, mainly on the turbo although a few more outdoor rides have been creeping in as well, a group ride with the Tri Club a a couple of other rides as well.

The longer rides on the turbo have been sessions such as a 3 hour ride with 5×20 minutes tempo and I also did the new Sufferfest bike/run workout Chrysalis which was a good hours session.

The final ride of the month was the first ride in Mallorca, a 95k jaunt around the second loop of the IM Mallorca bike course.

It’s been the biggest run month I’ve managed for a while, running 258km. There’s been a long run of around 2 hours, generally holding between 4:30-4:35/km pace and on the 3 of the 5 weekends a 20km run with the Havant ParkRun in the middle. The times have generally been getting quicker, apart from the last one which was run in the opposite direction, with my best a 19:00 dead which given the hills and trails of the run wasn’t too bad and good enough for 4th on the day.

I’ve also spent a bit of the month updating my TT bike with the Power2Max Powermeter, new wheels and Tri bars and although I’m still tweaking the position on the bike it feels pretty good.

The first week of April will be spent in Mallorca and there are a few more bike TT’s to be ridden, hopefully keeping the swim and run volume fairly high as well.



February 2014

A really good month for me was February. Some good solid training and a couple of good events.

First up was the Portsmouth Coastal Half Marathon which as the past couple of years I ran but didn’t race. A solid tempo run I ran a comfortable 1:30 despite it blowing a gale and it being partially run on trails and muddy foreshore – not helped by Rory losing a shoe again and having to wait for him. Running comfortably until 1k or so to go I put in a 3:44 last km into the wind to pick up a couple of places but it was a comfortable enough tempo run.

Two days later was the BLDSA Postal Swim – an hour to swim as far as you can. The most I’d achieved prior to this year was 2 years ago with 3,475m. Last year was a poor, and poorly paced, 3,375 but after some good swimming over the past few months I went into it hoping to hold 1:40′s for 3,600 but ended up doing even better averaging 1:37′s for 3,712m.  I was really pleased – the only swimming goal I’ve had is to be able to swim 3.8k in a wetsuit in under an hour (preferably comfortably) and this is a good step closer to that.

Away from those events it’s been a solid month, averaging over 14 hours per week. I’ve trained every day and have done two sessions on all but 4 days of February.

I’ve swum over 51km over a range of CSS, endurance and Masters sessions swimming on 20 of the 28 days.

Riding has all been indoors so the 635km that my Garmin gives me probably means very little. I’ve averaged 370 TSS points per week on the bike, around 52 per day in a mix of sessions and recently have been upping the intensity. My TrainerRoad FTP is set at 265W but according to my last FTP test should have been 275W but at the time the jump from 253 to 275 was too big a jump for me in one hit so I reduced it to 265. The last couple of weeks I’ve been doing the sessions based on a 275W FTP a version of the Hour of Power session done as a 2 x 20 at 90% FTP with efforts every 3 minutes which while hard has been manageable in the context of my other training.

I’ve got a few additions for the bike over the next few weeks including a swap to a Power2Max from my Powertap so once that’s done I’ll see how the two match up and do another FTP test.

Running has been good as well. 232km run, 58km per week, with the Parkrun sessions on 3 of the weekends with the half marathon on the other. I’ve run to and from each Parkrun so have run 20km each time with the race in the middle – with the times coming down each time. Without being fantastic the running is progressing well and is also currently injury free which is the main goal.

The weeks have fallen into a nice pattern with 4 rides, 4 runs and 5 pool sessions. Swims have been a CSS set, built up to 50x50m currently off 55 seconds, an endurance session of 5km swum as 250m with 10 secs rest, a Masters session and a couple of easier swims for days when the pool is busier.

Cycling has been one endurance ride 2hrs 30 mins at high endurance, low tempo power, around 200-210W, a 2x 20 session, a tempo hour and some sort of VO2 Max session.

I’ve run a long run which has been 2 hours, an easy run, the Parkrun 20km run and a 7k brick run off the long bike. It’s given me a regular 14 hours a week training which while hard will I think be sustainable. Finding a consistently repeatable week is the most important thing at the moment and *all* I’ve got to do is to repeat it for the next 20 weeks until The Outlaw!

Next month sees the start of the TT season and I’ve a TT each weekend, weather permitting through March. Hopefully the improvements I’ve seen on the turbo will be translated to the road. Other than that there are no more races in March – just another month of good training.

Next race...

The Outlaw Triathlon


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